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Never forget where you came from.

here's the deal
Get Millennials to choose Samsonite as their number one luggage brand.

the real deal

Samsonite is so durable, it can last forever.

seal the deal

A sudden boom in interest of vintage fashion makes it a perfect time to release a new line of luggage inspired by versions of

Samsonite’s most classic bags, Samsonite Heritage.


Resort Week Invitation


Print + digital invitation to the launch at the runway show at Resort Week featuring the Samsonite Heritage line.

Red carpet events as well as reception after the show.


The Launch at 
Resort Week


The Cartier Partnership

In this partnership with Cartier, we leverage the built-in “lock” feature to launch a higher-end version of the line, which includes upgraded hardware and access to exclusive accessories such as personalized keys and luggage tags. The Luxury Heritage line will also feature pieces in classic Cartier red.



Post a video or photo on Instagram of your vintage Samsonite case and Samsonite will choose one winner per month to restore their vintage suitcase.


Samsonite will send packing materials and a box and will restore your bag based on your custom specifications.


Options include new hardware in various colors, and new lining in various colors.


Interactive Luxury Experience

We take users back in time with pop up
vintage interiors in Samsonite’s showrooms where they
can take pictures and check out the Heritage line.


The Influencer Takeover

Solanah, a vintage fashion blogger, shop owner, and enthusiast with over 16.2K followers and more than 7K posts, will take over Samsonite’s instagram account during the week of the Samsonite Heritage launch.


Partner: Emily Herrera

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