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Be +here

here's the deal
The American Red Cross is composed of 80% volunteers that respond to a disaster every 8 seconds.

They want to generate donations and show their audience how they can get involved.

the real deal

This organization is more than a charity, it provides resources for success and acts as a platform for anyone to get involved.

seal the deal

We decided to leverage the red cross symbol to show how people can get involved with this important organization.

Make any donation and be represented on a special run of volunteer t-shirts so you can "be there" when you physically can't.

Get alerted when your representation is out in the field and see where your donation counts.

Donors who contribute $10 or more get a shirt.


Partnership with GoFundMe 

In this part of the campaign, we’ve created a new feature for GoFundMe to promote donations by adding a way to vet those hosting fundraisers. We found how lack of authenticity could deter some people from donating, with more and more stories in the media about scammers on fundraising sites, it was only logical to make something that could give potential donors a peace of mind.


Mark Yourself Unsafe

In this part of the campaign, we partner with Facebook to offer a new feature supporting disaster relief. Facebook’s current feature allows the user to mark themselves safe and check on their friends, but we wanted to give users a way to access help for themselves or others whom they see are in need of assistance. With this feature, you can now mark yourself unsafe and be rerouted to resources through Red Cross. It will also alert your friends.


...Or Mark Yourself +HERE


Mark yourself +HERE and share a special post on FB to let others know you’re there for them.

These posts allow those who want to partake in getting involved to do so in their own way, while also living the American Red Cross brand.


Partner: Emily Herrera

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