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Anything for your everything.

here's the deal
Petco wants to be a relevant choice among millennials, who are totally and completely pet-obsessed. 

the real deal

Millennials pamper their pets more than past generations have, and really treat them as their best friends. 

With this in mind, we realized that pets are their "everything" and are always there for them, even when other humans aren't.

seal the deal

Show situations in which human friends failed, but pets came to the rescue.

Print campaign uses full bleed photos of pets with body copy telling a story about how each pet was there for their human.

The Pet-friendly promise


We're establishing a pet-friendly standard: this symbol will appear on every product that is safe for your best friend to chew on, ingest, and digest. Petco is the first to establish this standard; we hope it will begin appearing elsewhere to give pet owners peace of mind.


Not every pet care item that is sold in other stores is necessarily completely pet-friendly; some may contain harmful components and ingredients if ingested by your pet.


Every item sold in Petco will have the designated Pet-Friendly Promise symbol on its shelf tag, giving you peace of mind.

Hopefully we can make a safer world for our pets.


The Pet-Friendly Promise symbol

The Pet-Friendly Promise symbol

The Pet-Friendly Promise symbol


Potential Press this standardization would likely receive

Best Friends Forever

A Partnership with Friendship Collar

A friendship bracelet for your best friend. Friendship Collar will feature designs exclusive to Petco, totally customizable with your contact info if your dog/cat is lost.

The matching bracelet for the owner will alert
first-responders that you have a pet at home and will make sure someone can reach the pet in the event of an emergency.



How was your pet there for you this week when humans failed? Submit your story to Petco's Instagram for the chance to win a gift card.


Partner: Imani Nunez

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