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become your character

here's the deal
Sure, every streaming service is essentially the same. But it was "Netflix & Chill" before Disney+ was ever a thing.

the real deal

People like Netflix because they can binge so much content, they feel like they can actually step into a character's shoes. 

seal the deal

Show specific character's shoes from their point of view, so that people can visualize stepping into their shoes and becoming their character.

Print ads placed in strategic locations, specifically subway platforms, so that after a tough day at work, strap hangers can think about escaping reality for a few episodes when they get home. 


Virtual Viewing Party

Fans of any Netflix content will be able to join virtual viewing parties which will act like live videos on Instagram with an interface to chat with your friends or other viewers about the content in real time.

Users will be able to choose which character their reactions show up on top of.

This will foster a collaborative fan base among viewers and will also leverage existing fan bases to build hype surrounding new releases.

Update: Netflix actually launched a "Netflix Party" during the quarantine. Which is annoying for me, but proves what a great idea this is (which was mine before it was theirs).


Sponsorship: New York ComicCon

 A character contest will build hype for the event. Participants are invited to dress as any character from any content on Netflix. Using #becomeyourcharacter, cosplayers have the chance to get featured on both Netflix and Comic-Con social media. Cosplayers will also be used in ads at comic book stores, such as Midtown Comics promoting the sponsorship. 


spotify playlists

Ever wonder what Michael Scott, Eleven and the kids from Stranger Things, or Dorothy listen to in their down-time? With Netflix's partnership with Spotify, you can find out with playlists "complied" by your favorite character.


Netflix in Reality

Netflix will use VR technology to literally immerse the audience in each scene. By creating an immersive experience, the audience can live out their fantasies by literally stepping into the shoes of their favorite character.

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