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Luxury knows no bounds

here's the deal
Mercedes Benz G-Wagen wants to expand sales to Millennials.

the real deal

The G-Wagen is a luxury SUV with off-road capabilities, which allows you to go on any adventure, no matter how far or difficult to navigate.

seal the deal

Show scenarios that the Mercedes G-class can handle, no matter how rugged or difficult to navigate the road may be, 
leading to serene/luxurious destinations.

"The Standard" of Glamping

Partnership with The Standard Hotels to offer a unique luxury glamping experience, only open to

Mercedes G-Wagen owners.

To get there, owners will have to do some off-roading to truly experience “luxury that knows no bounds”.

Glamping tent compounds will be set up at music festivals, featuring music by artists who have performed at Standard events.


Partner: Shane Tepper

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