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the most maximalist store

in the world

here's the deal

Il Makiage is known as the make-up for maximalists, but their stores were not living up to their claim.

the real deal

The Il Makiage target craves exclusivity. We want to give them an experience that is almost impossible to get.

seal the deal

We redesigned the Il Makiage store to create a unique consumer experience as a pop-up for a limited time. There are a series of “tests” that the consumers must “pass” in order to prove their worthiness based on the consumers’ maximalist appearance and lifestyle in order to gain access to different areas of the store, creating exclusivity of the brand.

To live up to the hype, only true Maximalists will be able to access the Il Makiage Instagram account.

Users' profiles will be subject to a review, and will only be able to gain access if they are deemed Maximalists.


Scan your face with The Maximalism Detector, available on the mobile Il Makiage website.

The AR will detect how much makeup you're wearing, as well as suggest products that will make your makeup look more Maximalist.


Team: Letier Santana, Christina Kofron, Carmela Vecchione & Jose Garcia

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