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Eau So Unexpected

here's the deal
What's different about the Eau Palm Beach than any other swanky, bougie, luxury resort that most people can't afford? 

the real deal

We discovered that in a sea of sameness, the Eau offers unexpected experiences.

seal the deal

Use black and white photos to dramatically contrast the norm of resort advertising.

Showcase the unexpected with a pop of blue, while using "eau" as a play on "Oh".

Phase Two ads would showcase unexpected details about the Palm Beach area
and how The Eau is conveniently located in the heart of it all.

tv Spot

Eau So Social

Banners would live in the digital and social space and would showcase the unique experiences offered at the Eau.



The Eau will be the main sponsor of OpSail 2O2O, an event supporting international sailing goals for the common good. 

Invitations will be sent to The Eau's audience, as well as the sailing, boating, and yachting communities.


OpSail is a huge event among the sailing, boating, and yachting communities. We will engage the largest audience on relevant social media outlets as well as The Eau social media.


Print ad placement for the event would appear in Sailing magazine, as well at local venues.
Postcards would be available for distribution among various communities.


Eau so Naked

Eau-phelia (pronounced Ophelia) is a turtle who was in poor health and recuperated at The Eau. The Eau has a tracker to monitor her activities since she was released back into the wild. Since The Eau has taken a vested interest in her journey, Naked Turtle White Rum would be a perfect partnership for The Eau, called "Eau so Naked".


As Naked Turtle donates proceeds of each bottle purchased to save baby sea turtles, The Eau would donate the proceeds of each cocktail made with Naked Turtle to wildlife conservation efforts.


Partners: Emily Herrera, Nathalie Alcide

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