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Engage the whole you

here's the deal

CUNY Arts, an organization serving CUNY students with free access to arts venues across NYC, came to us and asked us to get students involved in their programming.

the real deal

Our insight was that school does not teach students how to care for themselves. We also realized that students do not engage with the Arts if they are not specifically Art students because they do not feel that the Arts are relevant in their lives.

seal the deal

We changed the perception of the Arts in students' lives by focusing on both of our powerful insights. We showed students how the Arts were for all students, as well as using self-care to drive our campaign with a focus on art as good for body, mind and soul.

Print ads placed in strategic locations within CUNY schools to show how art is a holistic, inclusive experience and benefits the whole you: body, mind, and soul., and how art is important in everyone's life., not just those who are studying art. For example, an ad featuring dance would be placed near the gym to show "art is body", and an ad featuring an analytical artwork would be placed near the Math department to show "art is mind". 

Youtube pre-roll video shown before videos on Youtube, geo-targeted to CUNY students.

CUNY Arts Newsletter

Targeted newsletter sent to subscribers featuring offerings at CUNY Arts venues, as well as self-care tips.


CUNY Arts Media Kit

A monthly kit of resources will be sent to each Marketing/Communications office on each campus so that posting to social media is easy and messaging is streamlined. This will engage audiences across every campus. 


Snapchat filter

Visitors can gain access to the Snapchat filter geofenced on location, and only accessible at participating CUNY Arts venues.


CUNY Arts App

The CUNY Arts app will be promoted to students on campus, where they will learn about the benefits of visiting participating venues.


Signage at participating venues allowing CUNY students to check into each venue and earn points for each check-in.



Points will be accumulated and will be able to be redeemed for rewards not included in the benefits of CUNY Arts, such as “Evenings at MoMa” which are semi-private guided tours after hours.


Users can further practice self care with the CUNY Arts app which has a social media blocking function. If a user tries to access accounts while the block is in place, they will not be able to, and a message will appear with an arts-related idea to do instead of using social media.


The app will also have a map of all participating CUNY Arts venues.


Team: José Fresán, William Howard, Vanessa Caro, Melissa Lee, Cecilie Mengel, Lena Khalifeh, Mohammed Amribet, Michelle Li

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