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the character authority

here's the deal
Get character-obsessed fans to choose Netflix as their number-one streaming service.

the real deal

Sure, every streaming service is essentially the same. But it was "Netflix & Chill" before Disney+ was ever a thing.

Since Netflix was the first of its kind, it is the quintessential streaming service, and understands characters more than others.

When it comes to binging on your favorite characters, Netflix is the authority.

seal the deal

Since Netflix is the authority on characters, they created an immersive world where fans can do all things related to their favorite characters.

Print ads tell obscure facts about Netflix characters because they are the character authority.

Virtual Viewing Party

Fans of any Netflix content will be able to join virtual viewing parties which will act like live videos on Instagram and Facebook with an interface to chat with your friends or other viewers about the content in real time.

Users will be able to choose the character they want to react to; their comments and reactions will appear above the character they choose. This will act as a virtual role-playing party so that users can assume the identity of their favorite character.

Update: Netflix actually launched a "Netflix Party" during the quarantine. (Proving what a great idea this is!)


amazon wish lists

Ever wonder what your favorite character would buy on Amazon? An exclusive partnership with Amazon makes it possible to shop your favorite characters' wish lists and purchase items they would own if they were real people. Each list also features comments that each character would say about each item.

spotify playlists

Ever wonder what Michael Scott, Eleven and the kids from Stranger Things, or David Rose listen to in their down-time? With Netflix's partnership with Spotify, you can find out with playlists "compiled" by your favorite character.


partnership with seamless

Wonder what your favorite character would order from Seamless? Find out with Netflix's exclusive partnership.

Menu items in participating restaurants would be compiled based on characters' preferences.

Customers would be able to order items that would suit specific characters' discerning tastes.


michael scott's emails

Ever wonder how annoying Michael Scott would be to work with?

Subscribe to "Michael Scott's Emails" to receive a pointless email every day in your inbox to experience his antics for yourself.

Like a daily tear off calendar, except less useful.

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