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A Leg Up on Your Commute

here's the deal
We need to get New Yorkers to see Citi Bike as a viable alternate means of transportation for their commute.

the real deal

A bad commuting experience has become so routine, that people have grown accustomed to expecting the worst.

seal the deal

We will show how Citi Bike will make your commute better than using alternate means of transportation.

The tv Spot

The Citi to City Podcast

Citi Bike will host an informative and entertaining podcast featuring tips on how to avoid unfortunate incidents
when using mass transit.

Citi2CityEpisode 1
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The crowded NYC subways and buses have never been more of a hazard than they are now.

#ALegUpOnCOVID is an incentivized program by Citi Bike in partnership with NYC during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In order to keep trains and buses less crowded, Citi Bike offers an incentive to all who ride during this time. The more you ride, the lower your membership rates will be: both now and into next year.

What better time to get a leg up on your commute, your errands, and your life?


Citi Bikes will also be equipped with antibacterial wipes to disinfect your bike during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Partner: Asia Johnson

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