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All the Wiser

the big deal

Aging has a perception problem. Baby Boomers & Gen X are wary of applying for AARP because they don’t want to feel “old”.

These consumers have a zest for life that can’t be defined by age, but perceive the AARP brand as “the promotional mail you dread receiving”.

the real deal
You should not be defined by your numerical age, but by your accomplishments.

seal the deal

Print campaign using stories to celebrate the seniority of AARP’s members. Not their ages, but their accomplishments!

Photos fill the number of "accomplishments-old" they are with minimal text explaining that they are "X-amount of ____ (old)".

The tv spot extension uses the true story of Hanne & Max's love for each other, focusing on how many reasons they have to
love each other (their ages).

Partner: Natalie Alcide

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